Anand Singh Institute for Computer Applications (ASICA):

In today’s world, computer is the gateway to knowledge.  The definition of being educated starts with our understanding of computers.  From personal computers, internet, mobile devices, wireless networks, social media to cloud computing, every aspect of our daily life is becoming more and more dependent on computers.  Our quality of life is now intertwined with our ability to benefit from computers.

The Jangi Singh Memorial Charitable Society also operates Anand Singh Institute for Computer Applications (ASICA).  The institute is located on the campus of JSM Society in Shiwpur, Jaunpur, India.  It is administered as an independent school separate from JS Girls College.
ASICA offers a two year concentrated curriculum in Introduction to Computers.  All juniors and seniors from JSGIC are provided the opportunity to enroll in ASICA.  The syllabus includes topics on concept of hardware and software, components of a computer system, user interface, operating systems, Microsoft Office, internet, wireless networks, web browsing, e-mails, database understanding and computerized accounting.  The medium of education is in English. The graduates earn a Diploma in Computer Applications from ASICA.