The most significant accomplishment of any institution of learning is judged by the quality of its products - the graduates.

 To date, by the end of the academic school year  March 2022, we are listing some of these accomplishments:
• We have graduated  over 850 High School (10th Grade) students. 
• More than 90% of these have received First Division the in U.P. Board examinations. 
• More than 30% of these have received above 75% marks (First Division with Honors).  Many scored more than 80% while still others scored more than 90%. 

• We have graduated over 900 Intermediate (12th Grade) students so far. 
• More than 80% of these have received 1st Division (more than 60%) in U.P. Board examinations.
• More than 25% of these have received First Division with Honors (above 75%).
• More than 98% of our students are pursuing (or have completed) graduate studies at various degree colleges and universities in and outside the  state of U.P.  No other girls school to our knowledge, affiliated with U.P. Board has reached this percentage of graduates going to degree colleges.
• Only 18 years ago, when we started in this area, none of the village girls from the underprivileged families had gone beyond High School  education.  We take great pride in this accomplishment and congratulate our students, their parents and our staff members for achieving this.

• Since 2011, some 56 students have been awarded 3 years Graduate Scholarships by Jangi Singh Girls College and the JSM Society.