We have fully equipped sophisticated physics, chemistry and biology laboratories with scientific equipment and supplies. In order to provide a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts and processes, laboratory classes are cultured with various types of audio-visual presentations.


A fully equipped library is available on campus. In addition to traditional paper base books, the library provides access to four desk-top computer stations connected to high-speed internet. There are also a collection of educational videos and books in the electronic format available to students.

Self development:

Classes are also provided to students related to self-development. Some of the topics include:

1. Human Excellence
        a. Intellectual capacity development
        B. Emotional capacity development
        C. Social ability development
        D. Spiritual ability development

2. Personal hygiene
3. Conflict Management
4. Concentration
5. Contemplation
6. Introspection
7. Yoga
Each year, accomplished individuals from India and abroad are invited to talk to the students and interact with them to teach them how to build their future and become capable, productive and successful individuals.

career guidance:

A user-friendly library of videos in electronic format is available to students on a wide set of subjects such as:
  • Biographies of great people
  • Inspirational talks
  • English speaking
  • Institutions of higher education
  • Career planning
  • Details on competitive examinations to pursue higher studies

 Annual tour for the graduating class:

 Each year the graduating class (12th graders) are given guided tours of local colleges and reputed universities to explore opportunities for advanced study.