Shalini Singh Center for Graduate Scholarships:

At Jangi Singh Girls College, we strive to produce graduates who are socially, emotionally and intellectually competent. They must be capable of competing nationally for graduate studies and future opportunities. Since our students come from rural and underprivileged background, it is important to provide them motivation to pursue further studies and support them financially to whatever extent possible.
The JSM Society has established a Center for Graduate Scholarship to encourage and support pursuit of graduate studies by our College  graduates.  Each year a number of scholarships are offered. The criteria for selection of students are as follows: 

  1. Parents have clearly demonstrated that they have commitment to send the student to college but do not have the resources.  
  2. The student does not qualify to receive any financial support from the State or the  Central Government.
  3. The student secures First Division (with a minimum of 65% marks) in the U.P. Board examinations.
  4. The student secures admission to a nationally known prestigious University.

The scholarships are offered for a period of three years for the student to complete her bachelors degree and cover the costs of tuition and books and other expenses to a maximum of Rs. 20,000.00 annually.  Parents are expected to cover additional expenses. The students are required each year to submit documentary evidence that they are maintaining good academic standing in the college.