Welcome to Jangi Singh Girls College

Jangi Singh Girls College is named after Mr. Jangi Singh (1875-1979), affectionately called as Babuji by the villagers of Shiwpur, India. He was a contemporary and friend of Mahatma Gandhi. Though he was a successful businessman who could afford the comforts of life, he led a simple life with minimal personal needs. Babuji was a remarkably self-actualized man who derived happiness from helping others, and in the process, touched the lives of tens of thousands of people. He saw the entire world as one big family and believed that to exist is to co-exist. This philosophy left an indelible mark on his children and grandchildren, now spread across both hemispheres. Jangi Singh Girls College is the 21st century manifestation of Babuji’s vision.

Established in 2005, Jangi Singh Girls College is located in the village of Shiwpur, Belwa, Jaunpur, U.P., 222161. It is managed by Shree Jangi Singh Memorial Charitable Society under the direction of Dr. Gopal Singh and Mrs. Kamala Singh.